Warrenton Presbyterian Church – 91 Main Street, Warrenton, VA 20186 Phone: 540-347-2213


Let Us Praise God Together!

We gather together every Sunday morning, the day of resurrection, to worship the Living God together as a community of faith.

We hope you will join us at 10 am this Sunday for worship!

Worship at WPC is…

      Vibrant: as it ignites our mission, study, and fellowship as a faith community rooted in Jesus Christ.

      Intergenerational: all ages are welcome and are present as we give praise to God.  We welcome crying babies, curious children, inquisitive youth, coughing adults and everyone in between!

      Musical: We are led in song by a wonderfully talented music team as we give praise to God through traditional hymns, psalms, spirituals, praise songs, gospel tunes in addition to music from around the world.

      Biblical: Worship in our Reformed, Presbyterian tradition is always centered around God’s Word.  We trust, that by God’s Spirit, the Bible becomes God’s Word written for us, and the sermon is God’s Word proclaimed.  Each week, we hear a sermon that takes us deep into a passage of scripture allowing us to connect the Bible with our world and the life of faith today.

      Thoughtful: Even as we worship, we wrestle with life’s deepest questions and concerns.  Our tradition allows for both faith and doubt as we seek to grow together in love of God and one another.

      Sacramental: Our services also focus heavily on our two sacraments: Baptism and Communion.

In Baptism, we celebrate that we are cleansed and claimed as children of God.  We Baptize infants and adults, trusting that God’s Spirit is at work at all stages of life calling us to faith. I

In Communion, we celebrate how we are continually fed by Christ and each time we gather at His Table, we are brought near to him and one another.  All who trust in Christ and seek to be fed by Him are welcome at His Table.

Prayerful: We are a praying community.  Each week we lift up our joys, concerns, and transgressions to God together as a community.  Praying in community allows us to support and care for one another as we come to God in prayer.


Finally, worship at WPC is welcoming.  Whether you’re a lifelong Presbyterian or don’t know how to spell Presbyterian, you are welcome to join us as we give God praise and glory.