Support the mission and ministry of WPC

Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above (James 1:17a, NRSV)

As Christians, we respond to God’s grace with gratitude and generosity.  Giving not only funds our ministries here at WPC, but it is a vital spiritual practice through which we are reminded that everything we have belongs to God–we are stewards who seek to model the generosity of God.  Whether you tithe (Biblical model of giving 10% of one’s income) or are just getting started in your giving journey, we hope you will consider supporting the ministry of the church.

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Estate Planning

Naming WPC in your will or in your estate planning can be easy and has the ability to sustain our transformational ministries for generations to come!  There is no minimum amount required to make a bequest to the church.  Always consult with your financial professionals before making any decisions. For more information about making a planned gift to the church, please contact Mary Hall.

Non-Monetary Donations

WPC can also accept non-monetary gifts such as stocks or property.  Please contact Mary Hall  for more information at 540-347-2213.