Warrenton Presbyterian Church – 91 Main Street, Warrenton, VA 20186 Phone: 540-347-2213

Virtual Spirituality Center

Woman walking through a labyrinth on the beach with rocks.

This is a place where you can slow down. Breathe. Practice your faith during this Lenten Season. We will be focusing on “God on the Move” this year which follows our pastor’s sermon series. These activities are geared for all ages which each age and stage of life getting something different out of the activity. We hope to add to your experience of Lent this season.
Each week there will be a new activity based on the scripture and sermon from the preceding Sunday. Go at your own pace, these activities are standalone meaning you can jump around or even do these activities if you were unable to make it to the worship service this week. To get the most out of this experience we do recommend you attend worship and do the activity each week. However, there is a lot of grace here so feel free to do things not quite in order or skip a week if that is what works for you. Backtrack or repeat an activity that you especially valued. Give each activity a chance accepting that it may not be in your comfort zone but mainly enjoy spending time with God during this Lenten season. May you come away refreshed and renewed.

Week 1

Desert with minimal white clouds in the sky.

Week 2

Female runner leaping over a hurdle on a track.

Week 3

Small wave with sky in the background near shore but not on the shore.

Week 4

An empty boat out on the ocean with clouds and rocks in the distance.

Week 5

Person in blue jeans kneeling on the ground with an open Bible in their hands.

Week 6

Green palm branch with light shinning through.