Reverend James Lunde

pastor-jimJames *Jim* Lunde is a native of Lansing, Michigan, and comes to Warrenton from Knoxville, Tennessee where he has been the Pastor, Head of Staff at Graystone Presbyterian Church. Prior to his installation in Knoxville, Jim held the distinct honor of serving in residency at Second Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis where he ministered to a congregation of over 4000 members. The residency program in Indianapolis is extremely competitive and is considered the “Rhodes Scholar” program for new pastors.

Jim’s strengths of worship leadership, and desire to dive deeply into scriptures initially attracted the men and women of the Nominating Committee to him as a candidate for church leadership. His profound sense of strategy and vision for building bridges of Christian service within the community fit perfectly into the mission and vision to which WPC feels called. Stop by and see Jim on the Pulpit every Sunday.




Mary Hall, Office Manager

Mary Hall joined the staff in September of 2009 as Office/Business Manager. She began her career in banking then spent 24 years as a commercial real estate appraiser before joining the church staff.

Mary has been attending Warrenton Presbyterian Church for 14 years and has been a member since 2003. She served two terms as a deacon and was chairperson of the Ice Cream Fundraiser for two years. Mary serves on several committees including the Fellowship Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Membership Committee. A past Moderator of the Presbyterian Women,  Mary developed the class “Making Choices” which is presented twice a year during the Church School hour.

Mary is very involved with the elderly. She can be found most evenings at Oak Springs Nursing Home visiting the residents. In her spare time, she likes to read, garden, travel, and meet new people.

Stop by the church office some day to say hello. She is never too busy to sit and talk a while. But be warned, she might put you to work.

Lucy Lindsay, Christian Educator

Lucy Lindsay serves as the full time Church Educator having joined the staff of WPC in 2000. Prior to moving to Warrenton, she worked as the educator for First Presbyterian Church of Cumberland, Maryland, for many years.

Lucy was born in Hot Springs, Virginia, and graduated from Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Virginia, with a degree in Education. She is a life-long Presbyterian and an ordained elder. Lucy and her husband Michael, have two grown daughters. Lucy Lindsay has been changing children’s lives for years. Lucy’s door is always open to talk or give a helping hand.