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September 18 Update

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Peace to you,

Session has good news!

Starting on September 27 at 9am, we will be able to offer an indoor worship time. Space will be very limited (only 20 family units) and the guidelines are stringent, but session has voted to add this service to our existing virtual and outdoor services so that we can offer meaningful worship safely and comfortably to the most amount of people. We are relying on attendees to follow the guidelines listed below so that we will be able to offer the indoor service.

Hopefully, this will help us transition to two indoor services much later in the season. Of course, all of our plans are subject to the cruel whims of Covid and we will need to continue to monitor the situation and recommendations from the CDC, state and local health departments, and our denomination for guidance.

In the meantime, we still want to highlight our outdoor service to help limit the number of people attending the 9am service. In that vein, after many studies and looking at new recommendations, it seems we may be able to add a little bit of singing to our outdoor service! Now that’s exciting news.

So! Please read the following guidelines carefully. If you would like to try the 9am service, after agreeing to all of the below, email or call Mary Hall. If you have any questions regarding policy, please get in touch with me, Rich Crow or Amanda Stephens.

Best regards,

Suzan Hamill, The Reopening Task Force and WPC Session

Proposed reopening plan beginning on Sunday, September 27

Proposed Sunday Time Schedule

* 8:45                    Registered attendees may enter the church and head directly to the sanctuary

* 9:00-9:30            Indoor Worship (hopefully available virtually via Facebook and Livestream)

* 9:45-10:15          Outdoor Sunday School as weather permits

* 10:30-11:00        Outdoor Worship Service as weather permits

The following are the proposed guidelines/rules that we expect all who request to attend indoor worship to adhere. There can be no exceptions or session will have to reevaluate indoor worship.

* There will be a 30-minute service at 9am with restrictions for all worshipers.

* Please do not arrive/enter the church before 8:45 and when you do enter the building, go directly to the sanctuary.

* No social interaction inside of the building, please. No food or drinks are allowed. Please visit on our lawn or terrace.

* A minimum 6’ social distancing at all times inside the building is required.

* Wearing face masks is mandatory; if you do not wear a face mask, you will be asked to go home and join us virtually.

* No congregational singing.

* To have accurate numbers, reservations are required each week. To start, Mary Hall will collect reservations via phone calls and emails. You must also agree to stated policies.

* Printed bulletins will be in the pews as will all-in-one communion cups on the first Sunday of the month. (Our outdoor service will continue to be “bring your own”)

* Restrooms available to one family unit at a time.

* No Nursery will be provided.

* If you have a fever, any symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposure in the past 14 days, please stay home and worship with us virtually and be sure to let us know how you are doing.

* We strongly encourage those who are considered high risk and those who are not able to adhere to the restrictions to stay home, stay safe, and worship with others using our online resources.

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