Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time for fellowship with family and friends and the opportunity to reflect on our many blessings.   This year’s Stewardship Campaign theme is New Beginnings and as the campaign has progressed you have heard several Minutes of Discipleship shared during our worship services reflecting on our blessings at WPC.    We have heard about worship services, study programs, mission and service and recently about fellowship.   All of these programs and many more are made possible with our financial contributions to the church.   The Finance Committee has received some questions during this year’s campaign regarding the status of our 2016 budget, the changes for the 2017 budget and the age old question, “How much should I contribute?”.

The 2016 budget is $511,686 and currently our contributions are $43,000 below the year to date budget.    Our rainy fund has helped us through some difficult times; however, we need to remember that our rainy day fund had a balance of $231,000 in 2012 and currently the balance is $122,000.    We still have the month of December for additional contributions for 2016 and we pray that contributions this month will put us back on track.

As we look forward to 2017 we have a budget of $492,796 which reflects a 3.7% decline from 2016.   The majority of the difference is accounted by Pastor Jim’s moving expenses and pastor nominating committee expenses incurred in 2016 that we will not have in 2017.   The good news is that our 2017 budget will fund all the programs that we have enjoyed in 2016.

So, the very difficult question, “How much should I contribute?”.   This is a very personal question and one each of us needs to consider and pray about.    There is no right or wrong answer.   The answer is whatever is right for you.    

If you have not pledged a contribution before, please consider doing that this year.  If you have pledged previously we thank you and hope you will consider increasing your pledge to help fund the 2017 budget and start the task of replenishing our rainy day fund.  Remember that December 4 is pledge day and we ask that the pledge cards be returned on that date.   

We pray for many blessings for all and we thank you for helping fund the many programs of WPC.